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Our kitchen

Luduka’s mixes the traditional Oaxacan food and gives it a touch of American flavor, creating a unique and different concept, but without neglecting the ancestral flavor of Mexican cuisine.



All served with toast and your choice of homestyle potatoes or Hash Browns

Complete meals

Dishes specially prepared for the most demanding palates.


Indulge your appetite with our selection of delicious snaks
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What our customers say

For us, the opinion of our clients is very important, we appreciate your trust and your preference.
cristian Baldeon
The places look clean and organized, the service is amazing and the owner is super nice and helpful. The food is also delicious. And everyone is really nice
Conny Pardo
My favorite restaurant, the food is so good and they way the plates are presented is very appealing. The service is great! I have to confess I am not a fan of Mexican Micheladas but Luduka's Michelada is the best that I've ever tried, I loved it. One important thing, Ludukas doesn't use plastic straws, they contribute to the environment!
James Hubbard
Food was awesome and some interesting things on the menu that we'll have to come back and try. Service was great. It was just a little too cold in the restaurant the morning we were there, but we just kept our coats on and enjoyed the visit.
Chris Moore
There are a lot of Mexican restaurants in Sonoma County, very few that offer the flavors and attention to detail that you find here. The food speaks for itself. The tortas are phenomenal. The chips are fresh and the salsas unique in flavor. Meats are cooked well and fresh. Salt level is perfect.
Jay Emm
Very courteous employees. My friend has severe food allergies and they were extremely polite when she asked to return her food due to spicy seasonings. Very pleasant first time experience.

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